Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vol's Portrait

As I promised earlier on Gleemax, here's a portrait of Erandis d'Vol the Lich Queen of Eberron.

I owe the completion of this art to the great amount of input from Gleemax Eberron forums, including the always inspiring comments from Keith Baker, and also to the original Vol's portrait in 4th edition Eberron Campaign Guide (you can see a revised version of that funny hat), as well as the art from Wamusato (see

This is, as I envision, Vol's appearance at the time she embraced lichdom. As Keith has mentioned, her aging should have stopped at that point, when her appearance was equivalent to a teenage human, and it is not surprising that she has disguise spells functional 24-7, which can very reasonably be used to assume the appearance at the time of her *death*.

Wallpaper versions will be up shortly.



Anonymous said...

Whoa. That's really good...

omNiFic said...

Thanks. Glad you like it :)

loversdrummer said...

Hot! :3